10 Reasons To Masturbate

Do you feel embarrassed or ashamed to bring up self-love and masturbation?
The next time you have a masochistic need or need to relieve stress quickly, keep in mind these wonderful reasons to masturbate.
Everyone uses it 1.
Did you know that between 72% and 85% of women engage in masturbation according to studies? It’s interesting to note that the results increased when individuals were strapped to a lie detector.

  1. It enhances intimacy with a companion.
    According to research, masturbating women experience much more orgasms, more libido, stronger self-esteem, and more marital and sexual fulfillment. As if I need to continue? Women who masturbate and maintain their sexual health also take less time to reach sexual arousal and need less assistance from external sources to lubricate their vaginal canals on their own.

Ten Good Reasons To Masturbate

  1. Masturbating women had more favorable perceptions of their sexual self.
    According to the same study, they are better able to recognize and accept their sexual demands. We must be aware of our goals and how to achieve them. This needs to be addressed since a woman’s sense of self is so closely related to her body image, her confidence in her appearance, and the attention and opinions that she feels are forced upon her by society (pun totally intended).
  2. It’s just incredible for your health.
    Age is no barrier; studies have shown that masturbation lowers your chances of heart disease and type 2 diabetes. According to studies, having greater sexual function and masturbating more can both lengthen our lives and have anti-aging effects on our skin. What could be wrong with something that is just so dang beneficial for us?
  3. It enhances mental well-being
    Dopamine, endorphins, and oxytocin are all released during orgasms and sexual arousal. the joyful brain substances! Stronger and better relationships, whether intimate or not, result from better and more pleasant sexual lives. Our inner dialogue will improve along with our body image and positivity, making it more welcoming and positive. Our mental health is directly impacted by the way we talk to ourselves.
  4. Masturbating women sleep better
    You can also sleep longer and deeper with the aid of oxytocin. Try it! Earlier this evening, make yourself comfortable in bed and give it a try. Imagine it as the assignment you were never assigned. To make your session eeeeextra, try one of these.
  5. It eases pains in the pelvis.
    Yes, masturbating can ease those uncomfortable periods! Skip crunches, a run, and the gym. Get those pelvic floor muscles working, and after an orgasm, feel a terrific relief all throughout your abdomen.
  6. It relieves stress.
    Ladies, science! Experience the ultimate me time for the best way to relax and refocus. Dopamine, endorphins, and oxytocin are a happy hormone cocktail.
  7. Masturbation strengthens the muscles in the pelvic floor.
    Ignore Keigel and engage in some sex! POW! (I’m sorry, Keigel.) And possibly something that more obstetricians and midwives should recommend. See additional details here.
  8. It leads to several orgasms…
    The easiest approach to experiment with unleashing the ultimate female superpower is to masturbate more (i.e., practice). The multiple-orgasm and the Clitoris… Once there, you’re there, and you’ll want to go back there repeatedly.

There you have it, then. Not one. Downside. Tell your daughters, sisters, and mothers that it is undeniable, and let’s begin to destigmatize masturbation and female pleasure. A basic human right!

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