Gifts for Father’s Day 2022

Why not surprise your dad or grandfather with a best personalized bobblehead if you’re stumped for Father’s Day gift ideas? Custom bobbleheads are a lot of fun to collect and brighten up any shelf with a touch of whimsy. Send us a photo, and our skilled artisans will create a surreal miniature of your father for his desk or dashboard. This year, choose from hundreds of design alternatives to give your father’s day gift a more unique touch.

Great Father’s Day gift suggestion

Why not forgo the traditional toolbox or tie and choose for something a little more unique this year if the traditional father’s day presents seem a little dull and unnecessary? Here are some reasons why personalized bobbleheads are a great idea for father’s day.

They are special!

Here, our talented crew takes pride in creating an accurate likeness of your chosen family member or loved one rather than just a simple caricature. We can ensure that the mini replica has the same traits and personality as the original, producing an astonishing resemblance that is nearly uncanny. You won’t find a more original gift anywhere. Our individualized bobbleheads make a thoughtful Father’s Day gift they’ll always treasure.

They are so funny!

Our customised bobbleheads are a funny gift idea that will make the whole family laugh because of the number of costume possibilities available. Dress your dad up as Batman or put him in his ugliest shirt. Use your imagination to the furthest extent; there are no restrictions. Your family will undoubtedly chuckle this summer, whether your dad is posing hilariously or is perfectly accessorized.

They are adaptable!

Personalized bobbleheads can be used in a variety of ways. They come in a variety of sizes and patterns, and you may keep them wherever. On their drive to work, some individuals enjoy having them jiggle on their dashboard, while others want to have something amusing to look at. Your father can keep his special Father’s Day present everywhere, from the office to the garage.

excellent options available

Since each of our customized bobbleheads is individually made, the options are virtually limitless. To the very last detail, they are customizable. If you’d like, we can fashion your dad into his office attire or construct a miniature representation of him wearing his worst outfit choices. If you provide us a brief on the possibilities for his attire, we’ll present you with proofs and mock-ups for your consideration.

Is your father a sci-fi or superhero fan? You could have him leaving either Gotham City or Metropolis right away. Make him an action hero or a Jedi knight. For any request, we have a variety of movie character-based costumes that may be tailored. Our talented rendering team can create whatever scene you choose, whether it’s your dad storming a castle or going to kill Darth Vader.

You may have your dad play second base for his favorite team as we also have group and bulk options available. If not, simply disguise him as the hero from his youth. Sportstars and outfits with accessories are common choices. You get to choose the sport and the colors, and we’ll add your dad’s distinctive appearance. His personalized bobblehead may even be shown inspiring the nation’s team to an Olympic gold medal or a world cup victory.

We also have a ton of design options if you’d like to replicate your dad’s favorite pastime. He can be playing golf or hunched over a Harley. He might even be sporting his fishing gear or overalls. Due to the complete customization of the customised bobbleheads, you can also order unique logos and accessories. Your dad’s bobblehead might be playing the guitar or the drums if he’s a budding musician. This Father’s Day, make his fantasies come true by making him a rock star.

Why should father’s day be with us?

assured caliber

All of our personalized bobbleheads are made entirely by hand from the highest grade polymer clay. We only recruit the best, and each of our professional sculptors contributes their own special flair and talent to the work. You can count on expert workmanship and close attention to detail.

Free proofs until you are completely satisfied

We take pleasure in our work and in giving you an authentic representation of the loved one or relative of your choice. Throughout the creation process, we will provide you free proofs, samples of our ideas, and mock-up models so you may provide us with input. By doing this, we’ll guarantee a more accurate final product without charging you more.

fully adaptable

Unlike most of our rivals, we provide a delicate polymer clay service that makes all of our models unique and completely customisable. Unless specified, we don’t order less expensive components or materials. You choose all of our paint colors and garment patterns. A whole model can also be made from scratch if you so choose.

Suitable items are offered

Why not purchase a handcrafted representation of the entire family if you’re looking for a Father’s Day gift? Personalized bobbleheads depicting the two of you together, out fishing, jamming, or doing anything else you like to do in your free time are available.

high-quality customer service

Any questions you may have regarding your orders or our products can be answered by our helpful customer care team at any time. With each design, you’ll receive a customized service and have access to our skilled artisans as they work.

quick delivery

You’ll want to make sure that your original design is completed in time for father’s day, which is quickly approaching. All of our personalized bobbleheads are sent out via DHL/FedEx, and they typically take 2-4 days to arrive. Depending on design revisions and input on the proofs, we hope to complete the dolls and deliver them in roughly 5 days.

You’ve come to the correct place if you’re looking for a truly unique and ultimately humorous Father’s Day gift for your dad. Count on our creative staff to create a wonderful gift that he’ll cherish for years to come.


Three Things to Think About Before Purchasing Your First 3D Wooden Puzzle
Think back to your childhood, sitting on your grandmother’s coffee table, hunched over a cardboard 3d metal jigsaw puzzles. Sorting the pieces based on their size, color, and shape. After working on it for several hours, you finally finish and step back to admire the picture in front of you. It is two-dimensional and, as you might anticipate, looks just like the picture on the box. Three-dimensional (3D) puzzles are a new kind of games that have recently gained popularity. What precisely are 3D wooden puzzles, and what distinguishes a fantastic 3D puzzle experience?

Simply put, 3D wooden puzzles enable a completely new degree of immersion.

Metal, wood, and acrylic are just a few of the materials used to make 3D puzzles. Birch plywood is laser-cut into 3D wooden puzzles like Intrism Pro and Intrism Mini to produce components that are more sturdy and perfectly fit together than cardboard—all without the use of any tools or glue. Imagine having the greatest parts of both woodworking and jigsaw puzzles in one.

Unlike conventional jigsaw puzzles, 3D wooden puzzles must be assembled in a certain order and are constructed from the inside out. Each piece fits together seamlessly, and with time, the finished puzzle begins to take shape. The final 3D puzzle’s immersion and depth are not accurately represented by the box’s photo. The best thing, though? It never needs to be disassembled!

Here are a few things to think about if you’re new to 3D wooden puzzles to make sure you have a wonderful experience and fall in love with a rewarding activity.

What happens if a component of a 3D wooden puzzle breaks while being put together?

When putting together 3D wooden puzzles, it’s possible to break or lose a component. Even the most skilled puzzlers experience it occasionally. It is always a good idea to investigate how replacement parts are handled before making a purchase.

Are the parts unlocked? Is delivery free? From where is it shipped? These are all excellent inquiries. We offer free replacements with free shipping if you damage a wooden piece while assembling an Intrism puzzle, but we can’t vouch for other businesses throughout the world. If you are also in the USA, shipment will take just a few days because we ship from the USA (particularly Columbus, Ohio).

What is the 3D wooden puzzle tolerance?

Tolerance in 3D puzzles refers to how much a piece’s actual measurement can vary and yet fit with other parts correctly. The needed tolerances in modern production might differ significantly based on factors like the size and purpose of a certain item. When cutting plywood with a laser, the cutting accuracy is only as good as the machine’s intended capabilities, which can range from +/- 1mm to +/- 0.05mm or better. Usually, better machinery is needed for increased precision.

The tolerances must be perfected in order to produce a wooden puzzle with pieces that fit together without the use of tools or glue. If a laser cutter produces pieces with less accuracy than the needed tolerances, the final puzzle may either require excessive force or sanding to put together or will be too loose to remain put without glue.

At Intrism, we utilize cutting-edge laser cutting equipment made by the American company Epilog. The precision of Epilog lasers is very great and can be as low as 0.025 millimeters. This gives us extremely accurate laser cutting, but we still need to make sure that this accuracy exceeds the necessary tolerances for our products. To do this, we use relief slits at the points where each piece joins with another, sand each sheet after laser cutting to more accurately control the thickness, and employ a number of additional patented design techniques that further minimize the needed precision of our pieces. All of this results in high-quality laser-cut components that effortlessly click together, considerably lowering the possibility that excessive force or adhesive may be required during installation.

We assure you that choosing puzzles with properly manufactured tolerances will make your fingers happy.

Interactive 3D Wooden Puzzles: A Never-Ending Thrill

There are a ton of choices available when it comes to 3D puzzles. Some 3D wooden puzzles are interactive, while others are static models or mechanical models. Even though static and mechanical wooden puzzles are fantastic, it’s usually assembling that people like the most rather than the finished product. Interactive puzzles especially excel in this situation.

After you put together interactive puzzles (like the 3D wooden puzzles from Intrism), the fun continues. You may play the thrilling 360-degree game Intrism Pro and Intrism Mini as you direct the marble via unexpected dips, rails, steps, ramps, rings, and more around the wooden labyrinth. To cross the finish line, you’ll need to use all of your spatial abilities, including intellect, memory, perception, and dexterity.

3D wooden puzzles combine difficulty, amusement, and education. You’ll be aware of what to watch out for when buying your next 3D wooden puzzle, whether you’re wanting to get your first one or merely yearn for a novel experience.